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The George Crombie Trust is a Scottish Charity established in 1949 by Mrs Johanna Jane Lindsay Mitchell or Crombie, the sister-in-law of the late George Thomson Crombie, a descendent of the founder of the Crombie Woollen Mills of Aberdeen.

In the last Will and Testament of George Crombie, he bequeathed to Mrs Johanna Crombie, in trust, the residue of his estate for the purpose of “the assisting of ladies of gentle birth of or past middle age, who have only a small income from which to find accommodation”. Mrs Crombie proceeded to purchase properties in Aberdeen and under Deed of Trust established “The George Crombie Trust”.

Following a review of the Trust Purposes, the Trust now aims to aid “the prevention or relief of poverty, by providing accommodation”.  Furthermore, it aims to “relieve those in need by reason of age, ill health and disability by making available financial assistance for medical treatment, for suitable alternative accommodation or for providing assistance so that the individual in need may remain in his/her/their current accommodation, which might otherwise have been unsuitable”.

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